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Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Goodbye MyGSocial!!!

MyGSocial has reached its end. It has been taken down while we build a better, more functional website!

YPass and some Groups remain accessible (Mount Sinai graduate students & Postdocs only) but the rest of the site will no longer be available. Thank you everyone for your support! It's been a fun 2 years!

--Ianne, MyGSocial Developer

Andrew Chow

Andrew Chow

Yesterday was a good day for us liberals. Lots of folks worked their butts off to get the Democratic victories that we attained. But, we can't misread the results of the election. We can't interpret our victories as mandates from Americans for liberal agendas, especially not from a 50% to 48% election. The sobering truth is that we still will need buy-in from the conservatives in the House to address the fiscal cliff, long-term deficit reduction, immigration reform, climate change, and getting super PAC money out of politics. Beyond liberal or conservative labels, there are straightforward solutions to these problems that any sensible people looking at the facts would support. I hope that my conservative friends will support sensible policy reform and hold their party accountable for any intransigence. We cannot take another four years of gridlock.